[dynamics] the third CEO club of dingxing quantum came to a successful conclusion to build a bridge

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On November 18, the third CEO club salon activity sponsored by dingxing quantum investment was successfully completed in wuhan. The theme of the activity was "building a bridge between industry, capital and government in the cold winter", and the mutual integration of industry, capital and government in the cold winter of capital was discussed.

Were cast from ding xing quantum investment data, integrated circuit, information security, intelligent manufacturing and logistics industry more than 20 companies such as wisdom, vc, baidu, red dot China, chung huasheng deep vc investment, zhongke venture, such as more than 30 investment institutions, inovance technology, foxconn, such as industrial organization, as well as the port of wuhan science and technology investment group, wuhan airport by the open area management committee and other government institutions, a total of more than 80 guests attended the event.

As an important brand activity held regularly by chengdu dingxing quantum investment management co., ltd. every year, CEO club has held three sessions. This salon has two sub-sessions -- theme sharing meeting and enterprise road show.



The third CEO club · theme sharing meeting— 

Focus on topics and discuss hot topics

In the theme of the sharing meeting, participants had a collision of thoughts around the theme of salon, and jointly sought for the development path of industry and capital in the cold winter.

Ding xing quantum founding partner of gold investment space in his speech pointed out that although we are in a economy problem outbreaks and maintain period of internal and external factors lead to the capital in the winter, but the "crisis", there are still opportunities in the crisis will greatly stimulate the country's emphasis on related areas, let people can be more focused on the revolution and progress of science and technology, make capital back to the source of value creation, further promote the development of strategic emerging industries.

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Jin yuhang, founding partner of dingxing quantum


In the keynote speech, liu zhizhe, member of the integrated circuit expert group of aerospace science and industry group, huang jun, founding partner of potential energy capital, zeng tu, CEO of BBD digital mingpin, and zhang shuai, managing director of guojin securities research institute, delivered a keynote speech combining their own industries.

Liu zhizhe introduced the current situation and future challenges of artificial intelligence chips from the application scenarios and computing platform applications. Huang jun deduces how technology enterprises should conduct financing in today's capital market by combining cases and data. Zeng road is the direction of big data innovation and the ultimate goal of enterprise supervision combined with the mature practical experience of enterprises. Focusing on new energy fuel cells, zhang shuai introduced the development and application of new energy fuel cells from the application field and business model.

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Aerospace science and industry group integrated circuit expert group member liu zhizhe


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Huang jun, founding partner of potential capital

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BBD digital mingpin CEO zeng tu


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Zhang shuai, managing director of guojin securities research institute



精准对接 助力企业成长




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The third CEO club — 

Resources docking brand effect is emerging


As an important brand activity held regularly by dingxing quantum every year, CEO club is dedicated to providing policy interpretation, investment trend analysis, cooperation matching, capital appreciation, project roadshow and other services for invested enterprises. After three sessions, the brand effect of the club salon is gradually expanding.

"Enabling the industry and creating profits for partners" has always been the core mission of dingxing quantum investment and one of the main purposes of CEO club salon. In the future, dingxing quantum will not forget its original intention, continue to dig deep into industrial value investment, and build an industrial ecosystem together with its partners.

The elegant demeanour

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