[partner] this winter is not too cold. Mobvista Inc....

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On December 12, Mobvista Inc., an overseas subsidiary of guangzhou huilang network technology co., LTD., invested by ding xing quantum, successfully listed its shares in Hong Kong.

【动态】MEMS研发生产公司 — 芯动联科完成数千万A轮融资 鼎兴量子领投...

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[dynamics] the third CEO club of dingxing quantum ca...

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On November 18, the third CEO club salon activity sponsored by dingxing quantum investment was successfully completed in wuhan. The theme of the activity was "building a bridge between industry, capital and government in the cold winter&

[dynamics] dingxing quantum and wuhan lingkong port ...

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On December 13, 2018, chengdu dingxing quantum investment management co., ltd. and wuhan lingkong economic and technological development zone management committee formally signed the "investment agreement on military-civilian integration inn
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